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Rock Bottom flooring came to my house with the exact samples I wanted to see and within minutes I had placed an order for less than anywhere I had tried to shop!  There was no haggling or annoying sales people.



I had shopped flooring stores and the box stores for over a week.  It was a long confusing process.  I had a friend that was going to install it for me anyway.  I just needed the flooring.  Rock Bottom made the process fast and easy.  I ordered exactly what I wanted and it was shipped to my house with ease.



I had my kitchen floor done about a year ago by a local flooring store.  I wanted anything but to have to deal with that again.  Rock Bottom  made the experience fast and easy!  Would recommend to anyone.


Im somewhat a handy man.  I used to shop the box stores for my flooring materials, but now I just place a call to rock bottom and have the materials shipped to where I need it.  It makes my life easy and saves me a lot of time.


I wanted to install my own floor but flooring stores in my area charged too much for the wood I wanted.  I tried to find it online and at other stores but I could either not physically touch it or it just seemed inferior.  They came to my house with what I had asked for and made it easy to get it shipped strait to my front door.

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