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This plush carpet is the best bang for your buck! It combines grey, tan, biege, & light smoke colors.  This combination is the UNIVERSAL carpet for any scenerio.  Those particular earth tone colors will take on the aura of any room, wall paint color, trim & baseboard, furniture, & fixtures.  It doesn't matter what you have this carpet will suite your needs.  These colors take on the presence of what ever is around it and is cohesive with anything!  Whether you are selling a 800K home, building a new house, giving your place a fresh look, or need to list your home to sell quick... Do yourself a favor and buy this universal carpet!  No thinking required. It will go with anything, brighten your home up, and sell it like hotcakes.  Do not forget to install a true 6 lbs padding underneath this product.  It's only right.  Last, if you are building an empire of rentals, this is your new carpet selection.

Rock Bottom, Broadcast, Cinder

$1.17 Regular Price
$0.64Sale Price

    Apparent value base grade


    Yarn: 100% PureColor Solution Dyed BCF Polyester

    Colors: 15

    Stain: Lifetime

    Wear: 10 Year

    Defects: 10 Year

    Fade: Lifetime

    Soil: 10 Year

    Retention: N/A

    Pet Stains: N/A

    Par: 4

    Style Type: Cut Pile

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